Saturday, 14 July 2012

†ђξ friends we could have had

  Some people aint worth †ђe stress and hassle or you just dont have the time. You think!!!

  Just another excuse we use not to take a second to glance at †ђά̲̣̥† person always sitting quietly, the moody youngman in your office, that sad looking child with a scar of †ђξ face in your class, the child always saying 'i fell down', †ђά̲̣̥† woman looks like she has had †ђξ worst of it, †ђά̲̣̥† pretty lady †ђά̲̣̥† just passes by people without seeing †ђξm.
Just a simple 'Hi, are you alright?' will do.
 H☺w many times have we gone through those rough patches in life and all that is at the back of our mind is 'if there was just someone I could talk to'.

   A while in †ђξ past, I learned a hard lesson in life. I realized too LATE †ђά̲̣̥† I could have helped save a life if i had just been a bit more warm or asked a few more questions.

  In University days, i was a very shy quiet person and I hardly spoke to so many people in a class of about 2000. I told myself †ђξ focus was reading and passing my courses with good grades was all †ђά̲̣̥† there was to it , everything else was secondary. I was proven wrong by my first male friend taking †ђξ same course as me Adedoja Kadejo. He ensured he used my complete course note as a means to chat with me and from then on those who thought I was a Snob cos I dint hang around to chat gradually warmed up to me as †ђξ gate of friendship was opened( I would always thank him for †ђά̲̣̥†).

 Our school is an Off-Campus school and like all school environments, after a while 'clicks' are formed as friends move together in groups while †ђξ segregation begins. There were the brainies, back  benchers, fair complexioned ladies, wannabees, Razz(local)association, Bad girls and boys, Club boys and girls, Posh society, Cult boys, The Minglers(mixed with everyone) and so much more shh dont ask me where i belonged. People say hi to people in other groups in passing and only a class activity or lab work would ensure you spoke for more than a minute to each other.

  Anyway let me cut the long story short abeg.
By our second year in school, everyone was more focused on their business. Those who were there to party met their match and paid for runz(yeah! the term for bribing lecturers in school), those who were there for the studies only realized that it wasnt too encouraging as those who didnt come to school got the best grades. (no offence intended)
    It was during this time i met so many different people, but the one who inspired this Post is Eghosa  a very beautiful, brilliant fair 
Complexioned young lady. She inspired me in many ways because even though many guys were attracted to her and she was always getting male attention she wasn’t snobbish or rude to people, always nice and easy going.

For about a week, or so she began to get close to me much to the chagrin of the ‘fair complexioned ladies’ group, She gradually was opening up to me and telling me stuff about herself.  By the second week we had spoken about a whole lot of things and how her long holiday had gone, places she had been and so much more. I wasn’t someone to open up to people easily but as a very good listener that I am I began to understand her person more.  During the second week she began to enjoy talking to me as we walked through the University premises but we were constantly stopped by her various ‘toasters’ (guys interested in her) and I am someone who likes to head to wherever im going and get out of the sun as my skin is sensitive to it.

I had another  female friend  by the name Jennifer who was a lot more social than myself so, the next time ‘Eghe’ for short as we called her wanted to buy something  a bit far away I asked Jennifer to go with her,  A Costly Mistake as I had noticed Eghe had been a bit down over the days but I thought it was just the regular school stress.

That was the last time I would have been able to speak with her alone as when they came back we had lectures and then she was dragged off by one of the ‘Fair ladies group’ so I dint get any more opportunities to talk in class. After classes about around 5pm or so, we were walking out of school but had company and I wasn’t entirely attentive and before we got to the school gates a car with some male and female friends asked her to come into their car and let them drop her off since she was going further than us and in their direction. So we bade her goodbye as that was the very last time we saw her alive.

I dint see her the next day and the Friday, but I just felt well maybe she just did not want to come for classes as we all did that sometimes in school but my thoughts drifted to her a lot that weekend but I thought she must be out grooving somewhere, while I was worrying that I dint see her. So I tried putting her out of my head for a while and focus on my boring weekend.

On Monday morning, I didn’t see her in class neither did I hear anything. Asking her friends in the different groups proved abortive. By evening I was worried as I was only getting blank stares and most of her friends had disappeared from class.

Tuesday morning, I saw some of our friends trying to stick a notice on the door of the class and many people weren’t really paying attention to them but I stood up and went towards them with Jennifer. I had to prevent myself from screaming as I saw a picture of Eghe on the poster saying she had passed on over the weekend.

When we enquired as to what happened I heard that she had gotten pregnant for a playboy and he didn’t even know she had passed on.  When I asked how it happened, I was told that she had gone for a D&C and probably wasn’t properly treated, fell ill and it developed to cerebral malaria, while she was in coma for a few days before passing away.

I was dumbfounded, shocked and I cried for the mistakes made of not being there to talk with her as I could have advised her properly as my mother is a Nurse not to undergo an abortion and even if she would it would be a reputable hospital.

I learnt my lessons from that experience and from then on, not only did I become more open to listen to people. I decided to take it upon myself to be more open to help others in need.

Thank you for reading!!
dont forget to lend a helping hand

Monday, 25 June 2012


No one can do without it.
It brings refreshment.
It rinses away dirt.
It it comes out from the eyes when deep emotion is expressed.
It helps bring calm.
Cools our parched throat.
It cleanses the pores, pushing the toxins out.
It trickles down your body in the shower/ bath or wherever, making you feel so GOOD.

It draws people to its blue waters, leaving them with a sense of peace.

I was drawn to the peaceful and serenity it offered by a friend of mine(not that i did'nt appreciate it before) but i saw another side to the beach.
A more dramatic one.

The waves have a captivating presence that just catch in your throat, leaving you speechless.

Words cannot be found for the beauty it holds.
People on Holiday, just wanna visit it.
Lovers want to hold hands and dip their feet in its sands.
Friends want to hold hands and run around the shores.
Children want to run into it before the waves come ashore.

We dont realize that the WATER does it all. Brings people together and leaves them with a sense of peace.

Just wanted to share my appreciation of Water. [My Naija people No be mammy water ish O]
I hope you like it :D