Monday, 26 September 2011

Where has all the LOVE gone???

Where has all the love gone? I ask this beacause all i see is hate.
I pray for Love but all i see is selfishness.
I wait for Love but it eludes me.
I cant believe it is not there when i so desperately need IT.
Where has the LOVE GONE?
LOVE is all around us then why cant we see it.

In the olden days when people got married, it was one of two things: they were so in love or they were joined for family sake. Today more than half of those who get married are not IN LOVE. They get married for selfish reasons and even from the onset of the relationship it is because 'he/she makes me feel good. he has a fat account and so can take care of me. she can cook well and so would make a good wife. He knows how to dress well. She looks like a model so would make a goodPoster or handbag wife and so on.

The reality of life does not hit us after we think, we have been together for a while now, i think we should get married forgetting the basics, the important.
What is her favorite colour, what is his favorite food, things they hate to do, if they love to party, eat, dance, hangout with friends and even SNORE or SLEEP WITH EYES OPEN, FART etc. Can you overlook these faults? Are you irritable, fincky or others? can you stand the test??

   Do not pretend to be someone else for the sake of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. If the person truely cares, they would stand by you no matter what and want to ber with you. We tend to do this alot and when it backfires. those around us say "I told you so". Can help mold a badly dressed person, one with body or mouth odour, bad grooming habits to become better. Can you tell someone you care about these to make he/ she more presentable or even for their own good, then you have done humanity and the individual a favour even if you feel its not appreciated.
      Give freely of yourself and dont be selfish or point fingers because, the rest are 'back at you'.
For every situation you find yourself a percentage of what has put you there is you. That fault you are complaining so bitterly about in some other person lies in you. Dont claim to leave ynur marriage because of childlessness, why are you supposed to have gotten married? To have children? Or to be together because you are in LOVE? Dont quit because you feel he/she is cold in bed or cant perform, spice up your relationship, go out, have fun, travel, learn more about each other. You might be suprised at what you would find ;)
Stay committed to your partner, it is very important. 

Dont get married with the notion that, well we can get divorced if all doesnt work.Be proud of your partner and Love with all your heart just because you do.ގ

I mean true Love.

LOVE is True.
Love is Care.
Love is unselfish.
Love is Just.
Love is Pure.
Love is everything and so much more.... ... ..

Need tips on how to spice up your relationshp contact me. Best of all dont give up, if you can invest in it, Then It Must Be Worth IT.. :)

Yes Boss!!

Hmm im sure we have all said that so many times even when you decide to be your own boss. It must have taken alot of Yessirs to get there. We just have to grease peoples ego along the way while climbing up the ladder in life. Some consider it a requirement or else they would not help.
   I had some experiences with different people in various works of life and i realized most people would react the same way. Or wouldn't you? When given some little amount of power, have you misused it? Have you walked all over people coz you are the boss??
   WHAT EXACTLY DEFINES WORK? How are you gauged to be doing your job? Is it when your boss is coming that you decide to hide the job hunt sites you have been searching? or the movies you are watching? Now as for me, i dont have a problem with peole watching movies and all during office hours as long as your job does not suffer for it.
In scenarios where you do a lot of computer work and there is no leisure time on the eyes and brain you end up stressed out.
  Now there are people like me who ensure they finish their jobs in time and start to feel sleepy. What are we then supposed to do when all work for the day or that period is finished. Sleep off, well yes if there you are tired or watch movies or read a novel and get refreshed. No BOSS ordinarily should be angry about that coz many of them did that in their day anyway, so what is the big deal?? The POWER gets to their heads and they start to misbehave(bossing people around while not doing much work and even when they do, they just believe they need to put people under stress).
Have you ever seen some of these security guards trying to show you they have power and you cant do but let them have their way till you get past them. hmm

   As a boss, when last have you commended your staff? Sent them gifts on their birthday or even a birthday card(that is if you even know it), have you ever gone out of their way to help your staff in need of just because...... Hmm

 Take the time to be nice. You never know when you might need them and woe betide you if you haven't been nice and the person has been looking for a way to revenge. Just think of  begging or being at your subordinates mercy once in a while. It would put you in perspective.....

Friday, 23 September 2011


In 2007 when i first encountered the Blackberry, it dint have a normal camera (it had to be used with a computer) and may other functional issues i just couldnt be bought over. In 2009 i stated to see the new rave of the moment, many celebrities started to use blackberries and thus the PINGING madness began.

   I had bosses who couldnt put their heads up coz they had the new Fad and they were doing the ceded stuff.
Seeing people sign in on their laptops and when they drop it they switch to their Blackberry. This continued for a while till gradually people started to buy into it so much by the end of 2010 it was a Blackberry Mad virus on rampage.
     Then it started that Everywhere you go, people had to to ask 'do you have a BB?', 'What is your pin?' and sometimes even fake guys who finally used all their money to buy one and courage to talk to a lady would ask 'what is your BB pin' INSTEAD of  'Please can i have your number?' and the Lady would hiss and 'eye' him thoroughly.
  The pickpockets had a field day with people's phones which some had spent most of their savings on. But then, people became smarter and started to block the phone once it had been stolen so the pin could not be used. And Voila! the stealing of Blackerry's became drastically reduced. The ones that have been stolen are now being used by the razz people without the PIN.

Now, coming to the reason for writing this. This BB thing has caused so many people to loose their lives. Most people who buy it refuse to take notice of the thin strip that comes with it saying ''DONT USE WHILE DRIVING''. So many people do it like its the NORM with one hand holding their BB's on the steering while the other is holding the steering itself. They keep one eye on the road and one on the phone(Pleas just picture this scenario). But for goodness sake can your attention be totally focused here. NO. The next thing you see is the guy laughing at something someone just pinged him with and ends up in a gutter.
We see people now on bikes pinging so happily until they end up under a trailer, in a gutter or past where they are going. Even my Indian boss who just gave me issues just laughed in front of his office door at what someone just sent him on his BB. But do i wanna use one? Of course pretty soon i would (me waiting for the Latest lolll)
Anyway i would like you to watch this and hope you have a great laugh. The BB is just a phone and dont let it ruin your life. Chat applications have been around long before you were born and would be available long after :D

Monday, 12 September 2011

Madam No dey take Bike

Hmm the mad rush in Lagos and all creates a lot of chaos in these parts. People wake up late and want to get there RIGHT NOW causing majority of accidents nowadays. Well minus the Abokis who dont even listen to slow down or kadan kadan when you tell them to.
The spirit of flying to where we are going even in our own cars seems to be ridiculous but mehn people do it and the next time you are shouting at that mad driver speeding up the street, ask yourself 'could that be me?'.

There are so many times we make such a gross error until.................. the inevitable, ppprrrrrrrr gbashh and then we hear things like 'yee yeee,  Oh No, Its the Devil, Its a LIE' like by some terrible stroke of inconvenience or stroke of Luck just befell them. Anyway as for me most especially on Full Moon nights (My dad confirmed this one oh) there are a lot of bad drivers and Wierd behaviors trust me on this one.

Anyway before i forget the original Jist on The DARE-DEVIL Okada(Bike) riders, let me complete the jist. Still shaken from one of the worst experiences of my life (When a crazy Okada rider threw me under a trailer and i almost lost my life). I was in a hurry recently to an important event and decided to take a bike.

Mehn the moment i climbed on the bike my stomach just clenched like i was gonna throw up. At first i was battling with my skirt not to keep flying up(as you know we VI working babes and our minis though mine want too short) and i was trying to prevent me from Oogling my fresh fair thighs. Lol na so o ;). SO i took my scarf and wrapped it up. At first one eye was doing the road monitoring along side the bike man  then when operation cover the thighs was over, Ehen, stage one completed, then i started for stage two... .. .

Operation STAY ALIVE, (yes oh) thats how one hand started directing traffic from behind the bike man. 'Slow down', 'Sorry sir don't mind him', 'please let us pass', ' Be Careful Oh', 'Hmmn Hmmn',  soon we approached TBS and my tension level was just starting to go down, and then Gbosaaa, i nearly had a Heart attack, the guy just hit a Toyota Corolla and wanted to escape in a tight corner. The guy wanted to lock us into the curb. i just started screaming and begging the car owner in the same breath. Praying silently and looking to see if i was still alive, ....complete fingers.... ...toes....ehrrmm... face intact..... ok ok i havent even fallen off the bike.
Who asked me to take a bike now, talking to myself. The okada man asked me 'Why are you begging him'  I was angry now 'Cant you see that you hit his car, if he decides to come down and beat you would you wait? YOU would run like a thief. Mchew, you better beg him now'. The guy just continued like it was no big deal. In my mind i was like so if i was the one driving that is what you would do. I would have shown the guy i am a true daughter of my father. I would come down and use his own hand to slap his face till he is dizzy.Lol
Hmm, to cross the road to the Bus-top was an ordeal. I started flagging down vehicles coming, doing a serious please sign to them. Next thing i hear 'Wetin madam, hahan na me dey drive this bike. make i do my job you are blocking my view, move your hand'. I replied 'you are not serious, so i cant beg them to let us pass. How is my hand blocking your face?' 'Instead of saying thank you, mcheww'
Finally, a window came and we crossed the road. 'Whew i was so relieved to my stomach and could breathe now.
'Madam i know my job ehn, i don dey ride bike for long time. Me and my People(fellow riders) know our job'
I replied ' you are looking for who to kill this afternoon abi. Take your money joo' and i started walking towards the BRT terminus
What did i hear 'Madam no dey take bike again o, hmm'
I couldnt help but smile at the comment. Mehn i wish i had a car O. E no easy.

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Rats (i hear your people saying yepa those swaggly animals), yes just have to talk about them coz they are everywhere. Even the Yankee doodles know that.  There goes the furry little smart animal running off with something in his mouth and then the house owner not caring what it is runs after him with a stick. The rat runs fast and in between his legs making sure his ultimate prize in his mouth does not get dropped off.

With a heave of annoyance and big hiss, the house owner says 'Oh no he got away this time, next time i would get you' with shaking fists.
Well most times when Ladies see rats the first thought is to Scream and then RUN like a spirit is pursuing them not realizing its just one small thingy. Lol see me talking like i would stay to kill it in the first place. I'm sure the pakororo ones would immediately look for a stick or stone to kill them with. Anyway My sis nickname i would give here is Miss Eko Akete/ Babelicious. Im sure many people cannot remember the song but dont worry i would talk all about Eko Akete soonest.

Back to the rats before i forget. How many people went to boarding house (im sure may people are saying 'I did, i did) well im sure you can relate very well to this story. Well Imagine this, when i entered into boarding house i dint even like the atmosphere and it was too hot for my not too fair complexioned skin. Anyway i trudged along with all the starvation, mates stealing clothes and all with little rats stealing quite a portion of peoples provisions.
Then i was in JSS3 we had new juniors come into JSS1 and then trouble began. I don't know if  it was that they were mostly dirty or the RATS just followed them into the school from their various house. The week after they came into school, it was like a rat festival BIG RATS as big as CATS were almost chasing us out of our Dormitories. Young ladies running helter skelter for their lives and provisions and boxes. Then these rats started to display some cannibalistic behavioral patterns, NIBBLING on PEOPLES FINGERS AND TOES. People started becoming scared and dint sleep on the sheets anymore. The funny aspect was that they would blow cold air on their unsuspecting victims feet

Now i remember vividly, one Hausa girl i my dorm decided to do a concoction and put on her feet. She used Robb, Dustin powder, spat on her hands and used it to massage her feet then put on 2 pairs of socks, said alot of jargons i dint understand in Hausa and covered her body with a cloth and went to bed.
Well, trust everyone in that setting not to mind their business. I waited patiently for her to wake up while getting ready for the day. Hmm she being one of those to "jarunpa" when sleeping, had already thrown off part of the bed covers. A no-nonsense senior spanked her from sleep, 'you better get out of be before the house mistress flogs the hell out of you' she jumps out of bed throws the covers over and starts screaming and crying 'baskkard rat, stupid rat and all sorts' those of us who know what the issue was. 'the rat bit you Hadiza'.

Imagine how wicked the rat was to have eaten through her wrapper and 2 pairs or socks on her feet and had a nice chunk off her toes, i just felt for her because she really prepared for the rat but he had other plans. Imagine one girl that went to take a shower on one hot night and forgot to put clothes on and just got on he bed in her towel we got HOT jist that one of them was found suckling a girls b....

Mehn those days were horrible and  the RATZ meant serious business....

Maiden Edition

Well i just decided to create this blog after much consideration. I finally decided to do this after postponing so long since i Love to write well here goes.
In this maiden edition, pardon me if it aint perfect but nothing good ever starts rosy :D

In life have you Ever Wonder why certain things just have to happen to you at certain times?? Well they don't give you they just do and we fail to realize the reason behind the occurrence.
When we get good grades in school, we go yay! and then when others do better than us we decide to 'Beef them' like MI says. yes oh! Only Naija people would understand that. Anyway for those who don't understand it means to have issues with or not to be happy with as the case might be.

When growing up and the adults in our lives compare us to our mates by way of performance not considering not not all fingers are equal.
Ehn, imagine you being in a class with a family friend and she does better than you in position. Then on getting home your parents start comparing results?? Arrghh cant even imagine.
But I know many people did this: after the term ends and your result isn't too great and you keep putting off showing your report card till the holiday is almost over, hiding it under your bed just to prevent yourself from facing the reality. then your mum goes to help you lay your bed and thump the booklet falls to the ground and try as you may you cant just cover it with your little legs and Bam! your dad calls your name and is coming closer.

hahaha the only thing that can save you is the floor, yet it wouldn't open up and swallow you. The only thing you can do is to wait fro fate. Then yoour mum takes up the report and hides it before your father comes and tells you 'you must give him before the day ends' and you heave a sigh of relief. hmm and how does the rest go, you know......