Thursday, 14 June 2012

Straight as an ARROW?


A wise man by the name Russel Simmons posted on twitter saying 'don't do shit you don't believe in'.

  • Serious manNo one knows what he is capable of. what he may be thinking by just looking at him.... i'ld tell you why

  • When i saw that statement it made me think a lot, doing a review of things i do and say to others and how many untruths i have been told.

    When a person claims to always be straight, be sure to look left and right cos that is definitely the direction they are bent.
    When a person talks about others to you, be sure he would talk about you too.
    When you hear someone tell you they have got your back, be sure they do else you find yourself on your butt.
    The people that are allowed to interact and influence children, ensure you know they are really safe.
    If a person is a shady business man, be sure he would cheat you out of your heart and mind leaving you in the cold.

    Look out for the fangs with those who claim to be SAINTS, the fangs would be hidden behind the lovely smile no one thinks of looking past.

    The saying that the 'empty barrels make the loudest noise' is so true, take a good look around and it would be proven beyond reasonable doubt. They talk ceaselessly, making a bit of sense and confusing you out of what you already know. BEWARE!!

    When you don't agree on issues, it doesn't make it the end of the world, nor does it make you enemies. It just means you have individual backbones and can learn from each other and grow.

    A person who doesn't believe there is room to grow is already DEAD.

    When you feel you are all that, you become self centered and selfish.
    Take time to ask those around you how they really feel and if you don't wanna hear it, MAKE THEM WRITE IT DOWN cos NOBODY IS PERFECT.

    When we meet new people, there is always a limit to which we can trust them yet when we decide to take them for their word be it love, work, business etc, they are automatically held to the responsibility of proving people right or wrong about the initial impression made. Either way, the future of their future interactions is governed by the initial meeting.

    In life there are lots of pretenders but there are also the sincere people. May we be directed as to separate the wheat from the chaff before it becomes TOO LATE. 
    While it takes a lot to change the impression, it can be done with determination and sincerity or purpose, RIGHT??

    The proof of what you are is hidden by the physical cloak you wear. Ensure you use it ARIGHT.

    They say 'Silence is GOLDEN' and yet it speaks louder than any voice i know. Be sure to listen to IT

  • learn to be quiet and do a review at times, it helps to speak wisely.

    1. Gosh! I know a guy who is like †ђξ two-faced man. My oh my

    2. i like this a lot. many people dont know when to SHUT UP.

    3. Instrospection... iLike (y)

    4. Thank you for your comments. Daireen, thank you so much #big grin# to †ђξ great poet of our time

    5. A very thought provoking piece. Well written.

    6. permit me to say this but it seems like someone had made some kind of impression on you recently. just saying. but truth be told i like the piece


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