Friday, 18 May 2012


   I am sure lots of people might wonder…….. …..

    Sometimes in life, when we have friends who are in need, and if it is within our power to help them we immediately spring to help them, not minding that they might not be ready for assistance and the effort might end up wasted or cause major harm at that particular time.

     How do we know till we try, right?

An adage says ‘a dog that would get missing would ignore the hunters whistle’ the same goes for a child that is placed on a bed he doesn’t belong; he would soon prove you wrong by falling off it except he is really worth it.

In life, as human beings we are told to Love our neighbors as ourselves. How much of that do we do? Do we hurt others while laughing at their discomfort? Do we take advantage of people? Saying “the strong survives by trampling on the weak” do we genuinely apologize when we have wronged someone? Do we take time out to make others feel comfortable? Do we time time to say “I am sorry from the depth of our hearts, or laugh it off as one of those things?

Can we sit and take account of our lives and feel comfortable enough to smile that we have done right? Have we imparted a little knowledge, helped the needy, spread Love, been faithful, told no(or few lies), hurt no one knowingly, stolen from someone, cheated somebody, been selfish(even to ourselves) and so much more??

If we cannot sit happy after taking a flashback then there is a serious need for change. A positive one that makes us more understanding, caring and loving ensuring we live our lives in a more positive manner.

Can I do more than FLASHBACK, Smile and Live Happy J

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