Wednesday, 13 June 2012

In pursuit of Florence

I’m sure this title got many people thinking it is the city of Florence in Italy, sorry to disappoint you but we all have our cities of Florence right inside us.

  This is actually not about this city itself but a human being.

Men most times can do almost anything to talk to a lady they are interested in, including waltzing into their place of work.

On a hot afternoon the pretty lady Florence, 'Flo' for short went across the road to buy something to fill her stomach. As she crossed the road, a young man accompanied her to where she was going and even though she refused to talk to him he didn’t walk away.

She told him she was busy at work and didn’t have time to fraternize as her boss was waiting. The guy refused to leave her alone and kept trying to at least leave with her number.

  • Finally she got back to her place of work and in walk the gentleman, looking directly at Florence boss says "i would like to make enquiries and maybe buy some things or work out a partnership with you" giving the boss a cock and bull story of how he had been there before. Next thing he says "i have spoken to that lady before" pointing at Florence and says "we just need to discuss a bit more if you don’t mind ma’am" (imagine the swag the guy cooked up just to impress the babe? guys y'all do it once in a while)

    Quite funny actually because it’s rare to see such determination to pursue our own Florence and ensure we get results no matter what. Of course i won’t tell you how the story ended i would like you to guess its end by making up your own pursuit of Florence. #wink wink# we never know till we try right?


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    2. this makes me remember all the ladies i went after in the streets. loll till i met my own FLORENCE hmmm it was worth it #wink Wink#

    3. A lot of us hav com across what/who we thot was Florence, but it didn't end being quite what we expected. So if Florence is supposed to be that 'ONE', I'll just keep looking cos believe me, there's a lotta fake 'florence-s' out there #wink#wink

      1. Ny Smith thank you for your comment. As you know, there can be only ONE of the beautiful CITY OF FLORENCE(not that there is only one person for every individual cos there are lots) We meet many look a likes but the one we decide to choose depends on us. #wink# dont give up, its gonna happen

    4. Cool story. I don't believe all guys are that brazen sha, most of us take off at the sign of authority in a girl's life showing up. So if a dude walks up to your dad, boss, or authority figure and tells a crock of a story. Do yourself a favour homegirl, call him out on it fast and let that 'figure' trash him 4 u. You'll be glad you did.

    5. very true daireen that most guys aren't that brazen but why call him out on it? just saying i may enjoy the act first besides dont forget the babe may like him #wink#. lol


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