Friday, 18 May 2012

Ladies, Would you date an asshole than remain single??

 In relationships, most times the ladies argue of being at the losing end, whilst guys argue the negative.

Every experience is different and as such no gender can claim the loser at the end of the party. Though I must say, women suffer most of the brunt of it especially physically (with things like being hit by their men). Many women stick out the phy6sical assaults because they want to feel loved, be held by somebody tell themselves that someone cares while hanging on to poor excuses of men, missing out the good ones they could actually meet with.

A pretty lady stays with a guy with the hope that he would marry her. She sees him flirting openly with other ladies and gives the excuse that he loves her, sooner or later she gets an invitation (that is if he is polite enough) for his wedding to a lady she saw him with once or twice. She cries her eyes out telling herself no one would make a fool of her again unfortunately women are known to follow almost the same trend with men until something breaks the jinx. One treats men like money making objects, moving from one rich one to another till she gets the jackpot one while they all treat her like a princess, pampering her and buying her everything she wants. Months later she shows off her big diamond ring to her jealous friends.

Another lady not considered very pretty but with good character is lonely, doesn’t have a man in her life, well-bred and has accomplished quite a bit in life. She meets guy’s everyday but hardly do they ask her out most consider her as the girl next door and even when one does they just don’t meet the criteria she has in mind. She works at the relationship becoming better but it just doesn’t seem to be working fine they guys are mostly self-absorbed and she misses the passion depicted in all the love stories she sees around her and in books. Pouring all her emotions into work, life, family but wanting to start a relationship that works. Her mother (they cause a lot of problems here) constantly remind her that age is not on her side and wants to see her grandchildren before dying. You would think they would have a little compassion or try to be more understanding of the situation. In desperation, this lady finds herself in a relationship she just manages, tries not to complain till the ultimate goal (the gold band) has been achieved the talk of true love doesn’t come into the picture anymore (as mum says “better get married before you become an old maid”)

Some guys stay in relationships for selfish reasons, others stay because they are not sure of how it would be taken (some ladies and guys are terrible drama queens with terrible emotional problems) some even go as far as threatening to commit suicide or even to kill their partners also. Trust me they would sooner or later kill you. If you can’t take it, gradually introduce them to a psychologist and leave the relationship.

Let me just say this THERE IS HONOUR IN BEING AN OLD MAID. The bond of getting married shouldn’t be just because it has to be done or loneliness but for love.

I ask would you prefer to be in a bad relationship or be alone??


  1. hmm lady i think i would prefer a bad one. i cant stand being alone

  2. well i am a psycologist and from your stories it seems to me you are single . there is honour in being an old maid but can you stand the mockery for the trying period or being alone for the rest of your life?? people who have gone through terrible experiences find it a a tad bit easier but its just the barrier. i wish you luck in that department


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