Thursday, 8 September 2011


Rats (i hear your people saying yepa those swaggly animals), yes just have to talk about them coz they are everywhere. Even the Yankee doodles know that.  There goes the furry little smart animal running off with something in his mouth and then the house owner not caring what it is runs after him with a stick. The rat runs fast and in between his legs making sure his ultimate prize in his mouth does not get dropped off.

With a heave of annoyance and big hiss, the house owner says 'Oh no he got away this time, next time i would get you' with shaking fists.
Well most times when Ladies see rats the first thought is to Scream and then RUN like a spirit is pursuing them not realizing its just one small thingy. Lol see me talking like i would stay to kill it in the first place. I'm sure the pakororo ones would immediately look for a stick or stone to kill them with. Anyway My sis nickname i would give here is Miss Eko Akete/ Babelicious. Im sure many people cannot remember the song but dont worry i would talk all about Eko Akete soonest.

Back to the rats before i forget. How many people went to boarding house (im sure may people are saying 'I did, i did) well im sure you can relate very well to this story. Well Imagine this, when i entered into boarding house i dint even like the atmosphere and it was too hot for my not too fair complexioned skin. Anyway i trudged along with all the starvation, mates stealing clothes and all with little rats stealing quite a portion of peoples provisions.
Then i was in JSS3 we had new juniors come into JSS1 and then trouble began. I don't know if  it was that they were mostly dirty or the RATS just followed them into the school from their various house. The week after they came into school, it was like a rat festival BIG RATS as big as CATS were almost chasing us out of our Dormitories. Young ladies running helter skelter for their lives and provisions and boxes. Then these rats started to display some cannibalistic behavioral patterns, NIBBLING on PEOPLES FINGERS AND TOES. People started becoming scared and dint sleep on the sheets anymore. The funny aspect was that they would blow cold air on their unsuspecting victims feet

Now i remember vividly, one Hausa girl i my dorm decided to do a concoction and put on her feet. She used Robb, Dustin powder, spat on her hands and used it to massage her feet then put on 2 pairs of socks, said alot of jargons i dint understand in Hausa and covered her body with a cloth and went to bed.
Well, trust everyone in that setting not to mind their business. I waited patiently for her to wake up while getting ready for the day. Hmm she being one of those to "jarunpa" when sleeping, had already thrown off part of the bed covers. A no-nonsense senior spanked her from sleep, 'you better get out of be before the house mistress flogs the hell out of you' she jumps out of bed throws the covers over and starts screaming and crying 'baskkard rat, stupid rat and all sorts' those of us who know what the issue was. 'the rat bit you Hadiza'.

Imagine how wicked the rat was to have eaten through her wrapper and 2 pairs or socks on her feet and had a nice chunk off her toes, i just felt for her because she really prepared for the rat but he had other plans. Imagine one girl that went to take a shower on one hot night and forgot to put clothes on and just got on he bed in her towel we got HOT jist that one of them was found suckling a girls b....

Mehn those days were horrible and  the RATZ meant serious business....


  1. Lolling here, can't stop laughing. Most of the smaller rats are more destructive especially when they flatten themselves to go under doors. Scurrying from one end to the other eating Goodness knows what.

  2. The hausa gurl is a clown. Did she really expect that mixture to stop the desperado RAT. Lol little sorry for her though


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