Monday, 26 September 2011

Where has all the LOVE gone???

Where has all the love gone? I ask this beacause all i see is hate.
I pray for Love but all i see is selfishness.
I wait for Love but it eludes me.
I cant believe it is not there when i so desperately need IT.
Where has the LOVE GONE?
LOVE is all around us then why cant we see it.

In the olden days when people got married, it was one of two things: they were so in love or they were joined for family sake. Today more than half of those who get married are not IN LOVE. They get married for selfish reasons and even from the onset of the relationship it is because 'he/she makes me feel good. he has a fat account and so can take care of me. she can cook well and so would make a good wife. He knows how to dress well. She looks like a model so would make a goodPoster or handbag wife and so on.

The reality of life does not hit us after we think, we have been together for a while now, i think we should get married forgetting the basics, the important.
What is her favorite colour, what is his favorite food, things they hate to do, if they love to party, eat, dance, hangout with friends and even SNORE or SLEEP WITH EYES OPEN, FART etc. Can you overlook these faults? Are you irritable, fincky or others? can you stand the test??

   Do not pretend to be someone else for the sake of having a boyfriend or girlfriend. If the person truely cares, they would stand by you no matter what and want to ber with you. We tend to do this alot and when it backfires. those around us say "I told you so". Can help mold a badly dressed person, one with body or mouth odour, bad grooming habits to become better. Can you tell someone you care about these to make he/ she more presentable or even for their own good, then you have done humanity and the individual a favour even if you feel its not appreciated.
      Give freely of yourself and dont be selfish or point fingers because, the rest are 'back at you'.
For every situation you find yourself a percentage of what has put you there is you. That fault you are complaining so bitterly about in some other person lies in you. Dont claim to leave ynur marriage because of childlessness, why are you supposed to have gotten married? To have children? Or to be together because you are in LOVE? Dont quit because you feel he/she is cold in bed or cant perform, spice up your relationship, go out, have fun, travel, learn more about each other. You might be suprised at what you would find ;)
Stay committed to your partner, it is very important. 

Dont get married with the notion that, well we can get divorced if all doesnt work.Be proud of your partner and Love with all your heart just because you do.ގ

I mean true Love.

LOVE is True.
Love is Care.
Love is unselfish.
Love is Just.
Love is Pure.
Love is everything and so much more.... ... ..

Need tips on how to spice up your relationshp contact me. Best of all dont give up, if you can invest in it, Then It Must Be Worth IT.. :)


  1. LOL nice one. Its so good to be in Love. Its like an crazy addiction. nice picture to go with it

  2. Unfortunately most people don't know the meaning of Love and in relationships just try to get all they can from each other. Its so sad. Nice write up


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