Thursday, 8 September 2011

Maiden Edition

Well i just decided to create this blog after much consideration. I finally decided to do this after postponing so long since i Love to write well here goes.
In this maiden edition, pardon me if it aint perfect but nothing good ever starts rosy :D

In life have you Ever Wonder why certain things just have to happen to you at certain times?? Well they don't give you they just do and we fail to realize the reason behind the occurrence.
When we get good grades in school, we go yay! and then when others do better than us we decide to 'Beef them' like MI says. yes oh! Only Naija people would understand that. Anyway for those who don't understand it means to have issues with or not to be happy with as the case might be.

When growing up and the adults in our lives compare us to our mates by way of performance not considering not not all fingers are equal.
Ehn, imagine you being in a class with a family friend and she does better than you in position. Then on getting home your parents start comparing results?? Arrghh cant even imagine.
But I know many people did this: after the term ends and your result isn't too great and you keep putting off showing your report card till the holiday is almost over, hiding it under your bed just to prevent yourself from facing the reality. then your mum goes to help you lay your bed and thump the booklet falls to the ground and try as you may you cant just cover it with your little legs and Bam! your dad calls your name and is coming closer.

hahaha the only thing that can save you is the floor, yet it wouldn't open up and swallow you. The only thing you can do is to wait fro fate. Then yoour mum takes up the report and hides it before your father comes and tells you 'you must give him before the day ends' and you heave a sigh of relief. hmm and how does the rest go, you know......

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