Friday, 23 September 2011


In 2007 when i first encountered the Blackberry, it dint have a normal camera (it had to be used with a computer) and may other functional issues i just couldnt be bought over. In 2009 i stated to see the new rave of the moment, many celebrities started to use blackberries and thus the PINGING madness began.

   I had bosses who couldnt put their heads up coz they had the new Fad and they were doing the ceded stuff.
Seeing people sign in on their laptops and when they drop it they switch to their Blackberry. This continued for a while till gradually people started to buy into it so much by the end of 2010 it was a Blackberry Mad virus on rampage.
     Then it started that Everywhere you go, people had to to ask 'do you have a BB?', 'What is your pin?' and sometimes even fake guys who finally used all their money to buy one and courage to talk to a lady would ask 'what is your BB pin' INSTEAD of  'Please can i have your number?' and the Lady would hiss and 'eye' him thoroughly.
  The pickpockets had a field day with people's phones which some had spent most of their savings on. But then, people became smarter and started to block the phone once it had been stolen so the pin could not be used. And Voila! the stealing of Blackerry's became drastically reduced. The ones that have been stolen are now being used by the razz people without the PIN.

Now, coming to the reason for writing this. This BB thing has caused so many people to loose their lives. Most people who buy it refuse to take notice of the thin strip that comes with it saying ''DONT USE WHILE DRIVING''. So many people do it like its the NORM with one hand holding their BB's on the steering while the other is holding the steering itself. They keep one eye on the road and one on the phone(Pleas just picture this scenario). But for goodness sake can your attention be totally focused here. NO. The next thing you see is the guy laughing at something someone just pinged him with and ends up in a gutter.
We see people now on bikes pinging so happily until they end up under a trailer, in a gutter or past where they are going. Even my Indian boss who just gave me issues just laughed in front of his office door at what someone just sent him on his BB. But do i wanna use one? Of course pretty soon i would (me waiting for the Latest lolll)
Anyway i would like you to watch this and hope you have a great laugh. The BB is just a phone and dont let it ruin your life. Chat applications have been around long before you were born and would be available long after :D

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