Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Ciggarette Idiot....

I myself am lolling at the Title for where must i begin? but at the very beginning of this tad bit scary tale.

Why do young guys believe in 'Forming' or 'Faffing'( as a dear friend and uncle would say). E bami bere lowo won o.

I was on my way to work one early morning.
Trust me in this scorching heat, the cool morning air was welcoming and being in Air conditioning, awesome.
     I was trying to catch a few winks as soon as we started the journey. As i was battling sleep and mentally apologizing to my neighbor, he said "i m sorry i need to buy fuel" and drove into the nearest petrol station. I was busy grumbling in my selfish mind that we would arrive the Island late at 5:30am (imagine that o #covers face#).
I gradually opened my eyes a little bit to prevent the sleep from 'running away from me' (as i find it difficult to sleep), lo and behold what did i see that pursued the sleep completely from the already growing big eyes. A guy holding a cigarette just came down from his Pajero Jeep, with his boxers spying at me from above his trouser.

I jumped up on my seat an leaned forward, 'what on earth?' i said to myself inside the wound up windows of my neighbors car. I leaned forward scared for my life as the petrol attendant was filling the guys tank with petrol and noticed the cigarette wasn't lighted and i asked the empty vehicle 'is this man crazy or just dumb?'
  As my neighbor entered the car i asked him 'were you guys not scared of that stupid guy with the cigarette?, na wah oh at this time of the day?'
 My neighbor said to me i dint think it was a cigarette until i told him to look at the guys hand properly. I just prided myself for having good eyes even though i was dozing off an to catch that tiny object in the almost dark environment i wouldda saved us all by being maybe the first and only person to have noticed the stuff in his hands.

We argued back and forth and my neighbor being a guy too was siding the guy that the weather was a bit cold and he was probably trying to keep warm in a way and compared it to those in Europe who smoke more often. My response, this aint Europe and even then they cant be this dumb besides someone may just have beaten him up or a fellow crazy person done worse.
Well in conclusion my punishment to him would have been to scare the shit of the cigarette out of him by splashing a little petrol on his body so he wont smoke for basically the whole day for fear of burning himself up( i know here some people would count me as a wicked person) but abeg who wan die? especially from a petrol blast?? caused by an idiot? Trust me no one does even the smoker.

The lesson he would have learnt is
1. Never take a cigarette into a petrol station and
2. Even if you wanna smoke after just filling your tank with fuel, save other road users from the fire the explosion from your car would cause


  1. very funny how dumb can some people be . Hilarious T girl

  2. wow what would have happened if it was lighted??? oh my gosh! i cant even imagine oh, i wouldda slapped the taste outta his mouth for life.


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