Wednesday, 11 April 2012


When pain takes over and you hear from the voices around you is 'sorry" and "get well soon".
You gradually become weaker, the feeling of depression all around you.

Lazily, you enjoy thr attention and pampering instead of fighting the weakeness with everything you have. The feeling of being supressed by the words and environment soon begin to take their toll on you.

The earlier you close your mind to the drone of voices and focus on yourself internally, mentally and physically. The Faster and earlier your recovery comes in Sight.

When you channel the inner strenght, with the Grace of the Lord, your good health would only be brought about with acceleration


  1. i quite agree with the above post though sometimes i may just sit down and do nufing when i feel a bit sick, enjoying the cooing around me

  2. Thank you for this cos im not too well at the moment but would pray for strenght


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