Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Moonlight blues!!

Under the moonlight, on a far away beach.
 A couple lay still in the darkness, on a mat , cuddling together and watching the stars.

Her voice breaks the Silence, saying to him "When in your arms, the darkness receedes. i wallow in your halo, never to leave again" and he says to her "i am humbled by you. You are my angel. Protecting me thus, keeping me like time has stood still for us to bask in the wonder and glory yhr world has yet to offer"

Wont it be wonderful if people could Love like this. No matter the problems faced and the hurdles they shall come accross???
 Comment please for Lovers Young at heart, with the ability to still dream :)


  1. Oh I would so wanna be the lady lying in the arms of her boo. Me likey! People hardly have any romace and I'm such a helpless romantic. What do I do:(

  2. woow this sounds like a script from a movie. im loving it. Nice post dear

  3. Miss romantic. i am too anyway. makes me wish i could find love like this #dreaming mode activated# lol

  4. i so wanna fall in love. right this minute got anyone for me??


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