Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Oh! Silence to the Gadget...

When all we communicate by is the ping-pong sound on our devices.
The new message pops up that we urgently need to respond to.
We need the medium, that breaches the gaps, brings people closer and others further apart.
Those who ordinarily would never communicate, chating away like best of friends.

False friendships formed while we forget those closeby.

Those close to eachother, yet far apart seperated by the GADGET. The mighty gadget(computers, phones, palmtops, you name it cos the list is endless).
The unstoppable friction between finger tips and keypads. The  continous click-click sounds, sometimes irritating to the ear.
The result, aching fingers, bad neck postures, No more one on one conversations with friends, people finding it difficult to communicate without one device or the other.

Accidents caused mostly by people not being able to do without their phones and ensuring they respond and giggle at the jokes and gists till they hit another car and thankfully not a human being.
People looking down while 'pinging' on their Blackberry phone and have fallen on the not so good roads or even hit cars  cos they werent looking where they were headed.

The addiction has gotten so bad that even hours of slep are controlled by the devices.
The communication lost as people even in the same room do not talk to each other but can be chatting with one another.

Lots of relationships now suffer because both partners cannot do away with their gadgets even all the way to the bedroom. Even the legendary goodnight to your partner with a kiss is being replaced by a message to their device and that mind blowing kiss to revive the relationship is repalced.
There is no 'I love you darling', 'I have missed you all day', 'lets gist dear, how was your day?'.

THE MORAL: Time to put the gadget in its place.
  Have that much needed Heart to Heart with your partner.
   Enjoy the presence of the people around you till its no longer available.
    Cherish the moments that are the most important.
      Do not miss that Lovely smile, or wink from your partner.
        Observe the changes in your family and friends and dont miss the change cos you never saw it.
Remember the device can be stolen or destroyed. Its the relationships that we build (not emotionless, loveless devices), those we show Love and the memories that cannot be destroyed.



  1. Oh yeah so very true. My boyfriend and I hardly talk face to face anymore. Its phone calls, mails and pings. Nice one, Oh, silence to the gadget

  2. This is very correct. My boyfriend and I only ping and send msgs via facebook, or sms. Like seriously, silence to the gadget.

  3. Goodness me. you know the other day i saw a lady typing away on her phone till she hit another persons car. i cant imagine what must have ended the story cos it was another lady. loollll

    1. wow Marcella thanks a lot. i am laughing right now. i can almost imagine the cat fight that would have ensued.

  4. Mehn the pinging keeps me sane. i cant imagine life without my mobile. i would feel lost


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