Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wait a minute!!

When last did u take a good long look around you?? Taking notice of those little things. I'm sure there are lots of things you have never taken notice of and others you take for granted.

The Husband who comes home and doesnt kiss his wife. The wife who waits for her husband to come home and nags constantly. The husband who never goes out and thinks that: WOW! this would look good on my Wife and the Wife that compares her husband With their neighbour who has bought a car for his Wife. What do u know he did for the money? Try being content with what you have.

The Girlfriend who expects her Boyfriend to always buy her gifts and never thinks to buy him one. The boyfriend who always forgets his Girlfriends birthday, and she never complains even after reminding you 

The children who dont think its their place to say THANK YOU for the little things their parents can afford them at the moment. The children who dont think they have to put in the best to make their parents happy in school after the parents pay large amounts to keep them educated. what about those who cant go to school bcos their parents cant afford It.

The couple who gives birth to a baby and are not happy about the sex of the child: what should those without do? have u ever asked yourself that?. The family who kicks their dog around giving it minimal food, while it prevents petty thieves from stealing the household items. 

Take that extra second to be thankful, to appreciate, to listen, to show they are beautiful and that they exist and that you care.
 WAIT A MINUTE it just may change things around for you..................
WAIT A MINUTE and Enjoy life to the fullest


  1. thanks for reminding me of what i have forgotten

  2. its so sad that we forget whats important in life and focus on the unimportant. very ungrateful have i been :(

  3. Nice write up dear. keep up the work


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